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Šilalė town

Šilalė Vladas Statkevičius Museum

Saint Francis of Assisi church in Šilalė

Dionizas Poška Baubliai Museum

Dvasingumas (Spiritual) Park and Cross of Resurrection

The Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross in Laukuva

Kazimieras Jaunius Granary-Museum

Rubinavas (Šarūnkalnis) Mound

Molotov line’s defensive building

Depot Square and Memorial in Pajūris town

Pajūris recreation area

Former Franciscan monastery building

The Great Shoal of the Akmena river

Stasys Girėnas Birthplace Museum

Our Lady of the Snows Church in Girdiškė

Pagrybys Mound (Skuburkalnis)

Aukštagirė Observation Tower

Indija Mound

Upyna Folk Crafts Museum

Bilionys Mound

Ethnographic farmstead of Jonas Rupšplaukis

Medvėgalis archaeological complex

Sietuva Kūlgrinda

Church of the Transfiguration of Christ in Požerė

Church of the St. Virgin Mary in Upyna

St. Roch Church in Varsėdžiai

Church of God's Providence in Tūbiniai

The Site and Grave of Mass Massacre of Jews (in Tūbinės)

Partisan underground bunker of the special team of Lydys

St Angels Guardians Church of Didkiemis

Church of the Exaltation St. Cross in Žvingiai

St. Trinity Church in Pajūris

St. Barbora Church of Teneniai

St. Joachim Church in Pajūralis

Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kvėdarna

House of the exile Dalia Grinkevičiūtė

Church of St. John the Baptist in Kaltinėnai

Mound in Pakisas

Mound in Padievaitis

Treigiai mound (Eržinkalnis)

Birthplace of the President Alexander Stulginski

Piliai Mound

Stone „The Devil‘s Throne“

Birzai Field Mound

Burbiskes Mound (Prspilis)

Dapkiske Mound

Dungeriukai Mound

I Gediminiske Mound

II Gediminiske Mound

Geguziai Mound

Guvainiai Mound

Jaunodava Mound

Kalvaliai Mound

Kazokai Mound

Kiukai Mound

Kreiviai Mound

Kunigiskiai Mound

Leviskiai Mound

Padievytis Mound

Pusausalis Mound

Pavezis Mound

Prienai Mound

Rubaiciai Mound

Simenai Mound

Vaiciai Mound

Vedriai Mound

I Vilku lauko Mound (Veringa)

I Vilku lauko Mound (Kuple)

Andrejaitis Oak tree

Pailgotis mythological stone

Kunigiskiai stone

Memorial stone for the rebels

Parsezerys Walking Trail

Hiking trail and cycling trail of Aukstagyre

Drungeliske Chapel

Birthplace of the Lithuanian society and military activist, General and Lieutenant Pranas Liatukas

Silale Sports and Recreational Center (Pool)

Aukstagire Ski Area

Water Route on the Jura River „Gediminas Road”

Water route on the Akmena River