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Old cemetery, called Tombs of the Giants

Cross, called The Cross of Damelis

Priest’s Jonas Totoraitis’ native homestead (memorial stone)

Former school, also called the House of Deportees

Homestead of Lithuanian defender of freedom Apolinaras Juozas Povilaitis

The old shrine, called the Devil's Hill, otherwise known as Elniakalnis

Monument for partisans of Tauras region, Zalgiris selection, Vytis company

Historic part of the town, former market square

Monument to linguist Jonas Jablonskis

Memorial board for volunteers of the Lithuanian Armed Forces of 1918–1920

Church of the Transfiguration of Jesus, belfry and chapels

Tomb of priest Juozas Vaicaitis

Tomb of priest Baltramiejus Bataitis

Tomb of Juozapas Marma

Old Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Former hospital

Former school

Former headquarters and detention center of NKVD-MVD-MGB of the district

Monument at the burial ground of Tauras region, Zalgiris selection partisans

Tombs of the soldiers of the occupying Soviet Union

Location of the homestead of kankles player Pranas Puskunigis (memorial stone)

Homestead location of the underground printer Juozas Bacevicius

St. Guardian Angels’ Church

The rectory

Pastoral barn, called the Barn of Dawn

Cross called in the name of the Deportees

Tomb of partisan Jonas Olekas-Smauglys of Tauras region, Zalgiris selection

Graves of partisans Antanas Mockevičius-Skydas, Juozas Mockevičius-Voverė and Gražina Matūnaitė (Matusevičiūtė)-Snaigė of Tauras region, Zalgiris selection

Tomb of the underground printer Juozas Bacevičius

Former school

Windmill, called Maksvytis’ mill

St. John's Chapel Pillar

Village Cross

Location of the homestead of priest Antanas Tatare (immortalized)

Homeland of the linguist Jonas Jablonskis (museum)

Old cemetery, called Rimosaitis’ cemetery, otherwise – French Mountain

Cross in memory of the participants Grikieciai and Maciulaiciai in the freedom struggle

Old village cemetery, also called French Cemetery

Death place of partisans Bronius Balsevicius-Gauras and Bronius Vaicaitis-Pipiras of Tauras district, Zalgiris selection, and their sponsor Jonas Kaminskas-Ūkininkas (memorial cross)

Location of the Chapel of St. Jonas Boskas (foundations)

Graves of partisans Jonas Zalnieraitis-Strausas, Pranas Valaitis-Nevezis and Vitas Valaitis-Nemunelis of Tauras district, Zalgiris selection

Location of the primary school (two larch trees)

Homestead of knygnesys* Antanas Svedas (memorial cross and oaks)

Village Cross