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Šilalė Boulder otherwise known as Didysis Kūlis (“The Great Bundle”)

The Lourdes of Kartena: an altar with two sculptures of angels

Kartena Mound with settlement

The Blessed Virgin Maryʼs Assumption Church Complex of Kartena

Gintarai (Amber) Manor Mound, also known as Cherry Hill

Martynaičiai Mound with settlement

Dauginčiai Mound and the old cemetery of the village (The Small Plague Cemetery)

Kūlupėnai Railway Bridge

St. Lawrence Church Complex in Kalnalis

Imbarė Mound with outwork and settlement

The Old Jewish Cemetery, and the Site of a Massacre of Jews and Grave Complex

Žvainiai Barrow, otherwise called Cock Hill (13015), and Cock Chapel with the sculptural composition named “Ave Vita”

St. Virgin Mary’s Assumption Church in Salantai

The Historic Part of Salantai

Alkas’ Sacred Mount with Altar Stone

The Ethnographic House in Erlėnai village

Jakštaičiai village

The Ancient Place of Worship of Šaukliai

The Complex of Buildings of St. Archangel Michael Church in Mosėdis