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Lithuanian Freedom Struggle Memorial in Minaiciai (until 2014 – Menaiciai)

Sajai homestead of the Lithuanian partisan liaisons in Balandiskis

NKVD building in Radviliskis - a place of desecration of Lithuanian partisans' remains

A train carriage of the deportation train in Radviliskis

Radviliskis railway station complex

Lithuanian partisans' grave in the new Radviliskis town cemetery

Lithuanian partisans' battle and death site in Užpelkiai Forest

Monument to the Partisans of the Resurrection District in Seduva

The place where the remains of the leaders of the Sajudis movement who died for the freedom of Lithuania were desecrated

Sculpture of the Goddess of Victory Nike in Radviliskis - a monument to the victory over the Bermontists

Independence Oak at Radviliskis railway station

Radviliskis windmill

Monument to volunteers Jonas Jaraminas and Gracijonas Sakalauskas in the Old Cemetery of Radviliskis

Monument to the Fallen for the Freedom of Lithuania in Baisogala

Monument to the memory of Lithuanian partisans in Aukstelkai

Old cemetery