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We are certified by Google
Street View Trusted
Our virtual tours
are compatible
with smart devices
We can upload
our virtual tours to
Google maps
Explore our virtual tours using virtual reality glasses
Veloklinika - bicycle cervice Virtual tour in Google Maps
Virtual tour compatibility with various devices
Smartphones and tablets

We offer tours which are created using HTML5 and Flash technologies. This means that the tour can be viewed with smartphones or tablets. On the other hand, the tour is also displayed correctly on a desktop computer or laptop.
Web browsers

Virtual tours are displayed correctly on the latest desktop and smart device browsers. When creating a virtual tour's navigation we also consider the smart devices' screens sizes.
Compatible formats

Currently, our virtual tours are created using Flash and HTML5 technologies. The final result is given to the use of both technologies - if Flash is not supported, tour in HTML5 is shown and vice versa.
Our virtual tours are compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops
and desktop computers
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